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  • Jennifer Badach

Everyone Told Me Not To Do This...

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Sherwood Park Acupuncture | Strength

I put this idea out there, I asked friends, colleagues, and family members.

Everyone said that it is probably not the best idea.

So I decided to do it.

I've always been a bit of a rebel.

What is it you ask?

Well, it's this.

If you have been following my blog, you have probably noticed it's a whole lotta shop talk. Really that's all it has been. Sharing acupuncture studies, treatments, and successes.

Sharing lists of tips and tricks to stay healthy is one thing, but I have decided to add something else to this blog, I have decided to share what everyone has advised me not to, I have decided to share my soul.

Ok, sure but why is that such a big deal?

Well, sharing your soul (particularly my soul) can be messy.

My story in particular is a very uncomfortable one.

It's full of death, loss, anxiety, and trauma.

It is not an easy one to share, and it might not be an easy one for people to hear.

There will be heartbreak, tears, and probably a bit of cursing.

But there will also be some heart warming, giggle inducing, soul soothing stories.

It will be real.

It will be me.

Why did I decide to open up my business blog as a personal journal/ soul sharing platform?

Well, if you have ever had an acupuncture treatment with me, you will know that I ask you to get real. Like really real.

In order to help you truly heal, I ask you to share, not only your physical symptoms, but emotional and spiritual wounds as well. I ask you to trust me, to open old wounds in front of me, so that together we can clean them out, stitch them up, and heal them for good.

I feel like you deserve the same from me.

My girl Gabby Bernstein says "Your story is a healing gift to the world"

I am who I am as a healer because of the hurt and hope that resides within that story.

Don't worry, I will still continue to give you nutritional and lifestyle advice, as well as heaps of information on how acupuncture can help you better your health and life.

If that's all you want to read, great!

But if you feel called to go deeper, if you feel called join me on the journey into the wisdom that resides in my story, in my decades of self- love and growth, AWESOME!

But hang on,

It's quite the ride ;)

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