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Best Acupuncture Sherwood Park

Sherwood Park Acupuncture
"Jen is the best acupuncturist I have ever seen. She is very    gentle with her needle placement. She is a wonderful listener      and has helped me have fewer headaches and deal with my     stress. I highly recommend her to anyone." 
Alyssa D. - Edmonton, AB

"Been seeing Jen for about a year now for acupuncture.. I have to say its changed my life!"  Brandie B. - Sherwood Park, AB

"Jen is absolutely amazing, I was a little nervous getting my

first acupuncture treatment but she was incredible. I have had amazing results! I regularly refer people in Sherwood Park to see Jen for acupuncture and they have also had very good results from her treatments and all love her!R.S. - Edmonton , AB

"Jennifer is fabulous!! I started to see her in October 2013  
 for my migraines and headaches. When I started acupuncture treatments I was living in constant pain. When I didn't have a migraine,  I had a bad headache. The only thing my family doctor had    given me were various pills, that I absolutely hated (terrible side effects, and nothing worse than the "migraine med   hangover"). Almost instantly I saw results! I kept treatments   up for a few months and still have yet to have a migraine! "     Dawn P. - Sherwood Park, AB
Sherwood Park Acupuncture

"Absolutley amazing! Jennifer was the first to do acupuncture on me and she made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone!!!Rachel C. Edmonton, AB

Sherwood Park Acupuncture

"Jennifer is a true professional through and through!! Today before seeing her my knee was at 15% range of motion, after she did acupuncture, it was closer to 45% with very   little pain. Can't say enough about this lady!!"                            Liz E. - Sherwood Park, AB

"Jen is the best acupuncturist! she is so knowledgable about her field and makes the experience very comfortable! I recommend her all the time!Jenn C. - Edmonton, AB

Sherwood Park Acupuncture

"Super professional and knowledgeable.

Highly recommended!"   C.A. - Sherwood Park, AB

"I highly recommend Jennifer! No matter what I am suffering from she always has a way of helping and is extremely knowledgeable at what she does. She is super gentle and has great recommendations."  Kristen H. - Sherwood Park, AB

Acupuncture Sherwood Park

"Amazingly talented! You know she's living her truth

doing what she was born to do! Tammy S. - Sherwood Park, AB

"Jen's a wonderful person and great at her craft!

She puts me to sleep!!Sabrina D. - Sherwood Park, AB

"Jen is amazing at what she does. She's very patient and understanding and knows how to deal with someone super scared of needles. If you're tired of being in pain and feel like you're hopeless let Jen work her magic!"   Jennifer T. - Sherwood Park, AB

"I have been going to Jennifer for years, if it wasn't for her I would be in so much pain. I feel incredible now. Jennifer knows her stuff and knows how to help people. Jennifer is Amazing!"   Janean W. - Sherwood Park, AB

" Jen is an amazing acupuncturist. Very sweet and gentle. You won't regret it!"   Melanie B. - Sherwood Park, AB

" Jen is absolutely amazing! Being an esthetician I have struggled with my back for years getting massages and seeing the chiropractor. After seeing Jen for  acupuncture/cupping I noticed a difference right away. She's also a super sweet person to talk to and you can't get better than that! I recommend all of my clients to see her now and will continue to do so. 
Thank you Jen for saving me
 Kayla W. - Sherwood Park, AB

Acupuncture Sherwood Park, Fort Saskachewan and Edmonton
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