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  • Jennifer Badach R.Ac.

Summer of Self-Care

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Self Care with Sherwood Park Acupuncture

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) summer is the season of upmost yang. Yang is vibrant, energetic, expansive, expressive. It is a time full of life, of zest, of activity.

Spending most of the year holed up at home due to the dark Canadian winters, it makes sense that we would go all out all as soon as the sun starts setting later than 4pm!

The warmer weather and longer days means our time away from the office is filled with gardening, camping, sporting events, pool parties, BBQ's and maybe some even some beers and bevy's. But all this activity (beers included) can become taxing on our system. All of this energetic yang can actually burn us out!

We want to pack so much into these limited summer days, that we often forget our body, mind and spirit need time to rest, recharge, and heal. In the busyness of summer we often put self-care on the back burner.

Well no more! I am declaring this the "Summer of Self-Care!"

Take a nap! Soak in the tub! Get your hair did! Make an appointment to get some body work done! Take a vacation from it all! Whatever "it" is that nourishes you, DO IT!

Tell you what, I'll go first.

To kick of the Summer of Self-Care, hubby and I are taking a much needed vacation. This means that the clinic will be closed (gasp!) from June 28th - July 4th.

But don't worry! I haven't forgotten about helping you with YOUR self-care!

To celebrate the Summer of Self-Care I am offering $20 off all 1.5 hour consultation + treatments AND $10 off all follow up appointments. AND as soon as I am back from vacation I will be offering extended evening hours to make self-care a little more simpler.

I still have a handful of appointments left before my vacation so if you are already feeling the need for some self-care you can go to my website to book. Also, please share what summer self-care is to you by joining me on Twitter using the hashtag #summerofselfcare or sharing on my Facebook page

This summer, lets make self-care a priority. We are worth it.

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