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  • Jennifer Badach R.Ac.

YinTang - The Gateway to Inner Knowing

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Sherwood Park Acupuncture | Opening Intuition with Esoteric Acupuncture

YinTang is a point commonly used in Traditional Acupuncture treatments. It is often used from a traditional perspective to ease headaches, treat allergies and sinus congestion, vision problems - such as cataracts and glaucoma as well as calm the mind in cases of anxiety or insomnia

From a deeper Esoteric acupuncture perspective YinTang is associated with the 6th Chakra- the Third Eye point or Anja centre

This energy center, located between the two eyebrows and in line with the bridge of the nose, is known as the “Gate of Inner Knowing”

This “Inner Knowing” is often attributed to intuition and psychic gifts, and while that is often the case, the benefits of this point go beyond that.

When it comes down to it, this point is about awareness. Really deepening your connection to both your inner and outer awareness.

This point on an esoteric level, clears the mind so that one may know the truth behind all things.

Really, truly knowing -without manipulation from outside sources or being told by someone more “knowledgeable” or “wiser”

This inner and outer knowing is becoming increasingly important in this time of conflicting information and “fake news”

For this inner and outer vision is not just about seeing glimpses of the future, but also being able to discern truth within the present.

Seeing beyond the curtain of mis-information to become a sovereign human being, being able to see your path and project the outcome of your desire - knowing where you truly fit within the Divine Plan.

A sovereign human being is dangerous thing in our current capitalist society and governing world, for when you are strong in your foundation of truth, you cannot not be tricked into buying useless distractions or accepting false words as truth. You are able to see what truly is.

When there is a blockage in this energy centre, you lack inner vision and the ability to see where you want to go in life and as such fail to take the necessary steps towards your goals. You will easily be led astray by those wishing to take advantage of your lack of clarity and may often find yourself accumulating further distractions from your path by way of useless items and clutter.

You might also experience physical symptoms such as frontal headaches, fatigued eyes or visual distortions. One of the many common symptoms of a blocked Anja centre is migraine with aura. Many people who fail to have this “iInner Vision” when it comes to their path will experience anxiety and insomnia, often waking at night with a fear of not knowing what their future holds.

As you can see, this is an integral acupuncture point for healing Mind, Body, and Spirit - which is why it is included in almost every Esoteric Acupuncture pattern. Once we remove the blocks, the false stories, the limiting belief systems that have been so ingrained in our thought patterns - we will finally be able to truly SEE!


““Looking” refers to the ordinary way in which we are accustomed to perceive the world, while “Seeing” entails a very complex process of which a man of knowledge perceives the essence of all things in the world” Carlos Casteneda - A Separate Reality.

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