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  • Jennifer Badach R.Ac.

Esoteric Acupuncture - Upgrading Your Consciousness

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Esoteric Acupuncture | Sherwood Park Acupuncture

The human consciousness is the worlds most advanced super computer.

We use such limited amounts of our brain’s true capacity, some say many of us are operating at less than 10% of our potential awareness!

So when utilizing esoteric acupuncture I find its helpful to think of the brain as this super computer.

You update your iPhone regularly, you install virus protection software on your computer to protect it, and constantly empty the “trash” folder - but what about your most important computer - your consciousness ?

Think of the esoteric acupuncture patterns as data,

This data is entered into the system in a specific pattern that begins to update our “inner computer”

That is why these specific acupuncture patterns are called the “new encoding patterns” - They encode the system with the awareness to upgrade your state of being.

Now think of what happens when you update your computer or iPhone.

Information is processed in a clearer more concise way, you are able to move through information with more speed and clarity. Old, unwanted, or unhelpful data is removed making space for new, more advanced applications. This is a process, that requires upkeep.

Your nervous system, just like the hardware of a computer is still susceptible to viruses and other junk

and just like you would install malware and continue to update your “external computer”, you need to keep showing up to your inner plane work, meditating, practicing, and consistently putting in the effort to upgrade your “inner computer”.

People often ask me “what should I feel after an esoteric acupuncture treatment?”

The truthful answer?

I have no idea!

But really, we're working with levels of consciousness and each persons cognition and awareness is going to be at a different level. Who am I to know what your higher state of being is? This is a completely personal path, I only unlock the door - you are the one who must walk through the experience of your self.

Some of the things I have witnessed after an esoteric acupuncture treatment are people releasing old patterns or addictions that my have been holding them back. Leaving behind old ways of thinking and diving into their path with renewed joy and passion. Committing to themselves and self care, whether that be a solid daily meditation practice or renewed connection to their spirituality. Some people have intense experiences on the table, seeing shapes/ colours and connecting to their higher selves, conversing with spirit guides or gaining new awareness of their psychic gifts. While others experience nothing more than a deeps sense of ease and calm.

If we go back to the analogy of a smart phone, essentially these new encoding patterns are downloading a new app into your system. However, you still have to enter in your personal password and open that app. That personal password is your inner plane work, it's your practice, your meditation, your yoga - it's whatever you do to show up for yourself and guides you daily to continue to level up your state of consciousness.

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