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Yoga Offerings


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Yoga has been an integral part of my life and self care practice for many years

I first came across mindfulness and meditation practices while working at a metaphysical bookstore in my teens. After a lifetime of trauma and loss, these practices became my life line and major tools in my journey of processing and healing

My internal practice became more external with the introduction of physical-based hot yoga practice in my 20's. While I enjoyed the "work out" hot yoga gave me, something else happened, the practice became entirely physical and just about "looking good"

Perhaps it was the drift away from internal awareness, but I also started injuring myself a lot in in my yoga practice. This started a love/hate relationship with my mat: I would go to the studio - push myself too hard - injure myself - swear off yoga for a bit - go back - re-injure myself and on and on it went

Until I got to a  point that I figured yoga was no longer good for me

Luckily, before I decided to give up the practice forever, I went to check out a yin yoga class

It was life changing!

The slow movements and long holds forced me to go back to the yoga I had initially been drawn to as a teenager - the internal practice of mindful presence

Through consistent  practice and internal work, I was able to see that the true yoga was not in working my body to its breaking point just to "look" a certain way, but rather to go inward, find my breath and match it with conscious, mindful movements. It was then that something profound happened: yoga no longer injured my body, in fact, it started to HEAL it!

It was then that I decided I wanted to become a yoga teacher, I wanted to share with others the tools I had learned to heal my body and my mind

Integrating elements of my training in Traditional Chinese Medicine with hatha, restorative and yin yoga, I offer my clients a truly healing experience on and off the mat

My classes are gentle and all encompassing, focusing not just on stretching the tissues and strengthening the muscles, but also on opening the meridian lines, tonifying and balancing the internal organ systems, soothing the mind, and nurturing the spirit

If you are interested in taking your practice deeper, learning about mantra and pranayam or are looking to use yoga as a healing modality, these classes just might be what you are looking for 


I can be found teaching yoga at a number of different studios in the Sherwood Park and Edmonton area

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